Startup Draft 2017

Startup Development, Mentorship & Funding

From May 15th to November 15th of 2017, SMAART will be accepting candidates to enter our first annual startup draft. Startups that get drafted will be granted the unique opportunity to be apart of the SMAART 100 Startups program; where they will receive mentoring from experienced startup experts, business development and seed funding.

On December 1st, 2017 SMAART will announce the startups that have been drafted into the #Builditblack incubation program. Only 25 startups will be drafted. Startups that make the draft will go into a immediate fast pace six month development program.

Draft Qualifications

To be considered for the draft, your startup must;

  1. Be 100% black owned
  2. Be headquartered in Texas
  3. Have a innovative and validated business concept
  4. Possess two or more foundering partners
  5. Its recieved a minimum investment of $500 from its founding partners
  6. Have potential to build a scalable profitable company
  7. Serve one of SMAART's focus industries (Technology, Education, Consumer Goods, Property Development, Oil & Gas and Professional Services)

Startup Draft Application 2017

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