Where are we Black Men


Lets sit down and talk

And figure out what is needed to delete

This dark cloud of chalk

That’s hovering over our community of

Beautiful and powerful black men

Who are blind to see his uniqueness

That he is holding in


Our foundation was set by our Fore Fathers

But has nearly gone astray

By our suppose to be new fathers

Who are leaving our strong mothers

To raise children who may or may not

Know how to be a loving woman to a man

Or a man who is a strong father


Due to fact that daddy’s not there

A boy feels why should I care

For now I will let the streets show me how to be a man

Because they are the only ones who told me I can


We are letting our daughters

Believe that laying between the sheets

Is the only way she knows how to meet her needs

Looking for compassion and love in the wrong places

And by the age of 12 she is having a baby

Because daddy was not there to complete the missing places


Where are we Black Men


We have a few that are disguised and faking like they are following the steps in which our fore fathers have left

But then you turn on the TV

And see

What you can’t believe is reality

That another brother has taken his life

And his kids mothers life

Just because he did not understand that life is about sacrifice


Where are we Black Men


Why am I reaching out through this poem

Trying to get us to pull together

And unite as did our ancestor when they song that old Negro Song



What was the point of there struggle

For them to turn on the damn TV and watch somebody

Calling there daughters, wives, and mothers

bith@#$ and Ho@#

Or see there beautiful sons talk about pimping

And hustling the street for dough


No they fought so we could go to school

So that we could get an education and

One day be able to be on the other side and help change the rules

No they fought for dignity and equality

For you to one day to be able to buy a house in the same neighborhood

Without it being a dream but reality.


Where are we Black Men



 have we given up

Have we threw in the towel and said as long as I am alright I don’t give a Fu*(

Why are we giving in and just turning the other cheek

When our sisters and brothers are dying

Because we are so selfish to our own needs.


Where are we Black Men


You best to believe Jose and Maria are about family

And they are joining together

To Raise a nation of kids that believe in Unity

Something our families did just 50 years ago

Not 1000 years ago just 50

So that is just three generations and we are lost

Most of our kids do not know the struggles

Your Great grand father fought

Do you


Probably not because a lot of us are lost in the times

Letting our life problems occupy our minds

Forgetting we have a generation to raise

For they are our next phase

If we do not save them

Then our community

Will be at lost


Then every thing our people went through

Will be gone down the drain

All the killing tears and pain

Gone because we gave up and gave in

Living life for our own personal gain


So I say to all


Wake up


Wake up


Wake up


The time is now not later and I am about fed up

I am tired of our community leading the world in Disease manifestation

I am tired of our community having the highest Jail rate

We are not the government’s responsibility

We are our own liability

For let us pull together again

And build our Generation up to where is was

And let this not be the end



There was once a time where

Our black men were known for there

Dignity and Pride

So I say to you this is not a time to


I am coming to you as a Black Man

And A friend

Trying to end this horrible Trend


So my question to you is


Where are we Black Men