When the going gets tough, do you trust your heart or what the Bible says?

When the going gets tough, do you trust your heart or what the Bible says?

I asked this question because, I have struggled with this thought process stated below:

Do you follow your heart of what you feel and know is right or do what the bible tells you to do?

This thought has had me in a world wind within my own critical breakdown of my life.

Through my life I have never had troubled trials and tribulations. I have had trials and tribulations but I have never questioned, do I trust my heart or trust the word of GOD?

I say that with the understanding that I have always trusted GOD and my heart in every decision I have made my whole life.

I think there comes a point in every believer’s life that whatever path you choose to make,  you must make it whole heartedly. You must have peace with whatever decision you choose to make.

I understand some may not understand and even be against your decision that you are choosing to make for your life. The decision that you make, you must make sure you go before GOD and understand any consequences that may come with it.  

I believe the one thing in life that holds anyone back from reaching the purpose GOD has for your life is the constant search for peace, happiness and identity of LOVE.

I have a strong  belief in the word LOVE, because we must understand that when you find LOVE, it is not just a romance between two people.

LOVE is that peace and joy that makes you understand every weakness and strength in you.

When you find LOVE you see the wrong of your ways and you do what needs to be done to fix it. Rather it is at work, friends, relationship or etc.…

When you find LOVE it drives you to be great in every area of your life.

When you find LOVE there is a peace, an indescribable happiness, but most of all you can understand GOD in everything you do.

I must say to those who are struggling with decisions in life, you must understand that your heart and the bible are both important.

The bible is instructions that can help you in seeking truth in knowledge that you are seeking. God has designed each one of us in a unique and different way. Our hearts are all different physically in size. So, spiritually your heart is different. You must learn to trust your own heart and not anyone else’s opinion of what decisions you make.

God has given you the free will to make the decision that only you will have to answer to him about it. Whatever decision you do choose, do not let it be a quick one. Take time to really breakdown that decision and who it can and will affect. Once you do this, go to GOD in prayer, reading and fasting. He will let you know what you must do to help you find that LOVE that your heart desires.