What is Love?

What is Love?

Nightly Meditation: Understanding LOVE


There is a misconception about the Cliché "Love at first sight"


Personally, I think the word that should be used is "Lust at first sight"

The word lust is not a bad thing. It is okay to find someone attractive, great smile, conversation and etc.

In perspective to my thought, it is usually "Lust at first sight"

If you are looking for LUST, settle down and do not take the time needed to learn someone.

So many are infatuated through LUST, the ideas of being with someone based on their minor attributes.

They have not taken the time to see the reality of what it takes to LOVE someone.  


Love is a learned behavior.

If you really think about everyone you that you say you love.

It could be parent, friend, mate, co-worker, etc...

You have learned to love them. Love is so beautiful when one takes time to understands it and not put limits on it.

If you are looking for LOVE, take the time to learn the person and yourself through friendship that could lead to relationship.

Over time, through building a relationship, you have learned to love that person. Even when they may do you wrong or make a mistake you love them through it.

The only way to grasp this understanding is: to learn that "LOVE IS A CONSTANT TRANSITION OF LEARNING TO LOVE THAT PERSON”.

Once you take the time to learn to love, loving them is so easy.

True understanding of love is when you have taken the time to learn someone in their good and bad. Your actions for that individual become selfless more than being selfish of what you want.  

When you take time to learn to love someone and be slow to anger while you are learning how to love them.  You will have learned how to love them in their flaws. You have learned that they are not perfect and in their flaws you are there to help strengthen them in that weakness.

Take time to ask yourself, am I in LUST or LOVE? If you take the time and go through the process you will know the difference.

Be Blessed