The Promise

The Promise

For some reason the lord put on my heart the promise.

As I began to think about the word promise, I started to think back down memory lane to all the promises I have made and then the promises that were made to me.

It is amazing how I thought of only the negative side of promises that were made to me and not to many positive ones.

Then I had to realize who promises really matter, those here on this world or GOD our father.

I feel it is so easy to get caught up in your fleshly feelings vs. realizing the importance of your spiritual reality.

This message is for someone who was recently heartbroken over a promise that someone made to them. It has really put you in a place of discomfort, loneliness and anger.

I pray GOD gives you peace.

I pray GOD softens your heart and helps you to remember there is only one promise that matters and that promise is God’s.

In his word in 2 Corinthians it says all of his promises are YES and AMEN.

Understand Yes mean YES it is already done. It is confirmed!!

Amen means that you believe and have faith that it is confirmed and it will come to be.

So there is no need to worry what tomorrow will bring for GOD has already made that promise to you.

Repent for your thoughts of the situation and go to him in prayer. He will release all those things within you and free you from them.