BLACK BITCOIN: A Black Panther Movie Event

To celebrate the release of the first fully-black superhero movie, Black Panther, SMAART, in partnership with the Greater Houston Black Chamber of Commerce, will be hosting our first cryptocurrency event called BLACK BITCOIN, on February 20th @ 6:30 pm at Curtain Call, 530 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002.

At BLACK BITCOIN we will; explain what cryptocurrency is, explain how its technology can help drive revenue for your business, and introduce our ideas on how to create a real-life Wakanda (A Black Advanced Society) using blockchain technology.

Event Agenda Feb 20th 6:30pm to 9pm

The event will feature presentations by 3rd Legacy and SMAART co-founder, Khufere Qhamata and by Livication principal Leigh Johnson. Here is the complete event agenda:

  1. Black Bitcoin Event Introduction - A brief 5 min introduction and overview about Black Bitcoin and the three objectives of the event.
  2. What Is Bitcoin? - A 15 to 20 min introduction and explanation of what Block-chain (Bitcoin) is? And how does it work?
  3. Creating A Private Black Bitcoin Economy - A 15 min in-depth presentation on how to use cryptocurrency (Bitcoins) to fund, grow and evolve black businesses.
  4. Q&A / Networking - Presenters Leigh and Khufere will answer questions about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Afterward, attendees will have the opportunity to network.

Purchase Your Ticket Now! Seating is limited.

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Black entrepreneurs who have not yet purchased their tickets to see the BLACK PANTHER movie can attend BLACK BITCOIN by buying a ticket online for $10.

Black entrepreneurs who have already purchased a ticket to see Black Panther opening weekend (February 16th - 18th), can receive a 100% discount on admission into BLACK BITCOIN. Click the button below, and provide us with your name, email and proof of purchase and we will send you your free ticket for BLACK BITCOIN.


LOCATION: Curtain Call, 530 Texas, ave, Houston, TX 77002.