SMAART #7: Making, Patenting & Selling Black Products

SMAART's 1st Product Demo Day

Inspired by the controversy of Lavar Ball and the launch of the Big Baller Brand on Twitter; On May 20th, SMAART will focus on how Black entrepreneurs should make, patent and sell products competivitvely. If you have a physical product, or know of a friend or associate who sells physical products - invite them out to demo their product this weekend for SMAART #7!

Event Agenda: 7:30pm to 9pm

1. Theme Presentation. First 25 mins will be devoted to a short presentation on "How To Make, Patent and Sell Products Fast On A Budget" by Shern Peters, of New Age Nerd, co

2. Demo Pitch Session. 30 mins will be dedicated to entrepreneurs demoing their products to the group. Each entrepreneur will be given 3 mins to present their products to the group.

3. Community Dialogue / Food / Networking. 30 min open group discussion and networking. This event's group discussion will center on the question; Is Lavar Ball pr stunts setting black entrepreneurship back or moving us forward?

This is a members or invite only event. Please register for free to attend.

Location: 2002 Wheeler, Houston, TX 77004.


#Builditblack #smartincubator, #businessincubation