SMAART PITCH #5: Do Blacks Still Need 40 Acres?

 This Sat @ 7:30pm SMAART will explore the risks and rewards of land ownership, real estate and property.

In 1865 U.S. General William Sherman, made the historic promise of 40 acres of land and a mule to newly freed slaves (a token form of reparations). More than a 100 years later, blacks are still struggling to own land and the homes they live in.

So we're posing the question, in 2017 is 40 acres still necessary for blacks to feel secure financially?

A special presentation will be delivered by our guest speaker, young real estate guru, Zewuze Ladzekpo ( Z for short ) of Prestige Fortune Properties.

Event Agenda  7:30pm to 9pm

  1. Theme Presentation. First 25 mins will be devoted short presentation on the event's theme, "Do Blacks Still Need 40 acres". 
  2. Pitch Session. 20 mins will be dedicated to entrepreneurs presenting their business concepts. Each entrepreneur who signs up to present will be given 2 mins to present their business to the group. 
  3. Question/Critique. 10 min short Q & A will follow after presentations. During Q & A entrepreneurs will be able to share ideas, review critiques by local business mentors or attendees. 
  4. Networking/Food/Community Dialogue. 30 min open group discussion and networking. This event's group discussion will center on a topic of Blacks Being Denied Room & Board using Airbnb, Read our Feature: AirBnb Denies Blacks: Racism Still Alive They Just Be Concealing It. 

This is a free event for SMAART members. To attend register for free today.

New Post Event: One On One Mentoring

At the conclusion of the event SMAART is proud to announce will be doing one on one mentoring sessions and business plan evaluation. Each session will only be 10 mins, and we will only be doing three sessions post event this week. You will be able to sign up for this service at the beginning of the event. Please be on Time. First Come. First Serve.

This service will only be opened to those who have already registered with the SMAART INCUBATOR. If you are receiving this email but have not registered with SMAART, please REGISTER NOW!

Event Location: 2002 Wheeler, Houston, TX, 77004