SMAART #12 Black Team Building: The Four Laws Of Millennial Leadership

75.9 Million, that's how many millennials there are currently in America. Finally overtaking baby boomers as the largest demographic in the United States, millennials are reversing trends and creating new paradigms how we live, shop and work. But the question Corporate America, and even some in startup is still unable to answer is, how do you lead them?

Currently, right now the average millennial between the ages of 21 and 35 will switch jobs (or careers) every 2 years. Valuing new life and career experiences over tenure, millennials are redefining what it means to manage and lead teams. Chances are, within your startup, 4 out of 5 people you add to your team will be a millennial.

On Sat October 7th, SMAART invites you to SMAART PITCH 12 " The Four Laws Of Millennial Leadership: How to Recruit, Inspire & Lead Millennials In Startup". At SMAART 12 you will learn how to identify and define what motivates millennials to work for you, what work conditions inspire millennials to be more productive, and learn what leadership styles millennials respond to, and which ones they rebel against.


Event Agenda: 7:30pm to 9:15pm @ 2002 Wheeler

1. Theme Presentation. First 25 mins will be devoted to a short presentation on " The Four Laws Of Millennial Leadership: How to Recruit, Inspire & Lead Millennials In Startup".by Khufere Qhamata, SMAART co-founder and co-founder of (, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit for millennial leadership, mentoring and coaching.

2. SMAART Pitch Session. 20 mins will be dedicated to entrepreneurs pitching new concepts and ideas to the SMAART community. Each entrepreneur will be given 2 mins to present their business concept to the group.

3. Leadership Development. 20 min open group discussion and mini training on how to identify effective millennial leadership traits in yourself. The session will center on the answering two questions; (1) Are you a millennial ?, (2) and what kind of millennial would benefit from your leadership? 

4. Community Dialogue/ Networking. Short open group discussion on diversity in a black-owned startup. The discussion will center on answering the question; Should black businesses hire non-black employees to manage or operate their business?

Image Credit: Header Image Courtesy of Vevo

Location: 2002 Wheeler Houston, TX 77004