As the year 2016 closes and we usher in the 2017 New Year, I would like to personally extend my heart-filled gratitude to the members and stakeholders of this community.  Their dedication and commitment to supporting the mission of NAACP has gone above and beyond what I could have imagined.  Although, much work has been done, we still have miles to go before we can deck the city with economic prosperity (an economically successful black America) America for rest and can ensure economic advancement for African Americans here in our town and across the nation.

 As we embark upon the holiday season look optimistically towards the future, it appears that opportunities to “deck the hall with economic success in our community, is ripe with potential.  However, in order to create sustainable solutions to the economic problems we face, we, as a people must synchronize our movement and take cohesive steps toward success with a one-accord mentality.

 Decking the economic halls require sustainability of our efforts and unrivaled discipline and planning-- with a cry for integrated strategies across community, classes, stakeholders and policy makers.  Although we are not oracles, we can clearly ascertain that the future of African American economics cannot be developed without a well-thought-out plan of action. Otherwise, economic development for all will be an “elusive “proposition. 


As chair of the economic development committee, I challenge my colleagues to remain focused on the prize and work harder to explore strategies and develop plans that will keep us abreast of changes in the world economic markets that will impact the community we serve.  We appear to have made limited progress in improving this area and I am offering an urgent call to renew our commitment to action.  Together we must plan to keep our r hands on the pulse of the ever changing local economic scene. In other words  “more action, less dramatics and definitely less sound- biting.   Let’s Deck the Halls! 

The future of African American economics should not be a mystery floating in the abyss, rather we should write the” vision” and make the plan plain enough to decipher.   We are all familiar with the saying “if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail.  We need to work collaboratively act promptly, and aggressively problem solve simultaneously.  Time out for the same old tired social club rhetoric that has to date, so infiltrated our dear organization, but has yielded next to nothing. Without goals that are impactful and transformative, we will find ourselves going around in the same meaningless circles (having great social events while people perish for lack of economic access). Lets Deck The Halls!

 Houston will continue to face a barrage of problems. We know that an economically successful city can pave the way and build the strong foundation needed to attract and retain talent, good education systems, affordable desirable housing and a culturally rich environment. Contrarily, a failing economic system cannot deliver these things.  Let’s not become part of the problem, rather mobilize to provide the solution. A great man once said, “Talent does what it can, Genius does what it must” Come on NAACP it’s  never to late to   “Deck the Halls With Economic Prosperity”  starting now!!